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Light House Child Visits specializes in Safety, Security, Supervision, Awareness, Child Development, the ability to be Neutral, De-escalation techniques and encouraging Therapeutic Relationships between children and parents.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Monitor:


As a monitor we are to observe and ensure safe contact between a non-custodial parent with one or more children as a neutral third party in accordance with the Family Code.


5 Roles of a Professional Monitor:


  • Report

  • Observe

  • Prepare

  • Enforce

  • Document


Yay! You’ve identified Light House Child Visits as a potential monitor!

We would love to start visits; we have just a few steps prior to doing so.

1st Step-Contact


  • Conduct phone call with custodial parent and non-custodial parent to gather specifics about court order (details and restrictions if any), type of visits ordered, additional information about child/children, location (city or zip code) of parents and child, expectations from both parties, preferred days/time for visitations. Hourly rate will be quoted at this time based on accurate information provided. We will also discuss who is responsible for payments.


  • Prepare for separate intake interviews with custodial parent and non-custodial parent

  • We will discuss specific information and required documents to be submitted prior to intake interview, along with cost of intake interview (per parent).


  • Once all parties come to a verbal agreement, information and court order is reviewed; a face to face interview will be scheduled.

 *Estimated 1 day to complete; with proper   documents sent same day from both parties.

2nd Step-Intake

  • Conduct a separate intake interview with custodial parent and non-custodial parent.


A careful and complete intake interview is the key to effectively managing and preventing problems by providing information about the service and establishing clear expectations for all involved.


What takes place at intake interview:


  1. Rules of court and guidelines.

  2. Answer intake questionnaire (completed by monitor)

  3. Read, fill out and sign monitors service agreement.

  4. Confirm location/ days and times of visits in accordance with court order.

  5. Confirm payment method (CASH) and when payment is paid.

  6. Schedule visitations on calendar and BEGIN!





3rd Step-Visitations!


During visitation monitor will ensure child is safe and ensure parent and child/children are able to enjoy themselves in a natural and enjoyable setting. Monitor will also:


  • Report

  • Observe

  • Prepare

  • Enforce

  • Document (Observation notes will be documented by monitor during visits and will be available upon request.)

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