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Become a Professional Visitation Monitor !

Looking for a way to make extra income?

Consider joining the in-demand field as a Professional Visitation Monitor!

(Available in CA and other states)


  • Would you like to supplement your current income?

  • Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children while you earn?


    If so, we have the solution for you…


   Become a Professional Visitation Monitor TODAY!


What is a Professional Visitation Monitor?

A Professional Visitation Monitor is an independent and neutral third party who observes and records parent/child interactions during family visitation. 

Benefits of Starting a Business or Career as a Professional Visitation Monitor:

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Ability to earn $50-$85+ hourly (Independently) as an Independent Contractor

  • Positively impact the lives of children and their families

  • Alternate Source of Income

  • 24-Hour Supervised Visitation Monitor Training

  • Part-Time or Full-Time Hours

  • Network with Attorneys and other Professionals in the field


Professional Visitation Monitor Qualifications

  1. Be at least 21 years old.

  2. Have a Livescan/Background check done and registered with Trustline.

  3. Have no record of a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) within last five years.

  4. Not have been on probation or parole for the last 10 years.

  5. Have no record of a conviction for child molestation, child abuse, or other crimes against a person.

  6. Have proof of automobile insurance if transporting the child.

  7. Have no civil, criminal, or juvenile restraining orders within the last 10 years.

  8. Have no current or past court order in which the provider is the person being supervised.

  9. Be able to speak the language of the party being supervised and of the child, or provider must provide a neutral interpreter over 18 years of age who is able to do so.

  10. Agree to adhere to and enforce the court order regarding supervised visitation.

  11. 24 hours of Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor Training and Mandated Child Abuse  Reporting

Professional Visitation Monitors in California are required to take a 24-Hour Training Course.                                                  (Please check additional requirements for all other states)

Parent and Child
Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Training includes:

(12-Hours of Classroom training via Zoom, video, and discussions.)


  • 24-Hours of Course Content

  • 10 Chapters

  • 82 Lessons

  • In-Depth Content

  • Practical and Real World Application


Course Topics Covers:

  1. Monitoring Procedures

  2. Intake

  3. Documentation

  4. Visitation Techniques

  5. Child Abuse Reporting

  6. Stages of Child Development

  7. Codes and Standards related to Professional Visitation Monitoring

  8. Concepts Covered

  9. Professional Visitation Monitor Foundation

  10. Role of a Professional Visitation Monitor

  11. Record Keeping

  12. Documentation

  13. Screening, Monitoring, and Termination of Visitation

  14. Child Abuse and Reporting Laws

  15. Basic Knowledge of Family and Juvenile Law

  16. Developmental Needs of Children

  17. Cultural Sensitivity

  18. Conflicts of Interest

The training consists of PDF’s, training videos, and power points. There is 24 hours of content that can be completed within the recommended timeframe of 3 days. However, this course is designed to be completed at your own pace (Up to 30 days). 

This course will provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed as a Professional Monitor along with a Certificate of Completion from the instructor.

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