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Tonie Piper has 8 years’ experience working with youth and families. She has an education as an LVN nurse, educational background in Social Work (Case Management) including Sociology and Psychology.


She started a nonprofit in 2015 specializing with youth of all ages and now has joined the industry as a Professional Supervised Visitation monitor to expand her love for children and helping the community. She has also developed an online training; teaching individuals how to make a difference one family at a time as a Professional Monitor.


Over the years she has worked alongside with private organizations within the Los Angeles school districts as well as in home settings mentoring, educating and motivating children. During these years of service, she has developed more of a strong interest in education, social, mental and behavioral health. She enjoys working with children and their families.


With her experience and education, she has the ability to use customized approaches to be able to adapt to different personalities, developments, humor, curriculum creation, perseverance and dedication to each individual as a way to build and maintain therapeutic relationships.




I have received 24 hours of Monitor training including the following subjects:

  • Role of a professional provider and a therapeutic provider.

  • Child abuse reporting laws.

  • Record keeping procedures.

  • Screening, monitoring and termination of visitation.

  • Developmental needs of children.

  • Legal responsibilities and obligations of a provider.

  • Cultural sensitivity.

  • Conflicts of interest.

  • Confidentiality.

  • Issues related to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

  • Basic Knowledge of Family and Juvenile law.

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